Usertesting – Does this work?

I have to tell you I was a little skeptic of this site when I came across it. Basically it’s a simple concept. Basically if you have a website and you think it’s great, but others are having problems getting around the site, then the site is worthless. This site is a site that businesses can use to have “Users” of all different strengths and weaknesses go through your site and tell you what they are thinking.

So basically for money you would sign up to this account, get accepted, and you would basically speak into the mic as you try and complete a specific task on the website. They will give you a scenario that you need to do, and as you do it you speak what you are thinking.

It takes a little to get used to to be able to speak your thoughts, but it’s actually a little fun. Depends on what site you are working on and which tasks they want you to do.

So how much do you make? I believe it’s $10 each one. I did 4 of them in one day. It was on a Wednesday, the following Wednesday I got $40 deposited into my paypal account. I was so excited. That’s good money for just 1 hour of work. I would have done more but there weren’t any more available. It was great!

Now I have tried to do more since, but unfortunately the jobs are scarce. So if you’d like to make a full-time income on this program, I don’t think it’s going to be that lucrative, but it’s really a great thing, if the work is there.

Maybe they will get a lot more work, and one day it could be very lucrative for some people. So keep your eye on it. Sign up and check it out and see where it goes. I had an idea for some people who would want to make this a full-time income would be to create a FB group for those who use usertesting. I think the more people in that group, the faster you’d find work that would be available there. If you look daily great.. but if you had 5 people looking daily, chances are you’d probably have more work. I say this because I had a similar site years ago that we had a chat group on AOL and we would tell eachother as new assignments came on board. On that program I made $400 daily which was great.. but I would have never made so much if I weren’t online at the right time. But we had a group that was able to yell out when the work was coming. So maybe this would be the same.

Usertesting is great. All you need is a good mic and a quiet place! Whatever comes to mind, speak it out, and you will be able to make money here too!

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