About Me

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Hello everyone! I’m Jennifer Zorrilla. I have been working online since 2005. I left my career in Information Technology Systems and felt it was sink or swim to remain with my head above the waters. I actually have done very well for myself.

I try just about anything online to see where it will take me, and so far, so good!

From Affiliate marketing to a career in scoping, I’ve done it all. By the way when I say a career in scoping, I don’t mean Periscope. There are actually careers out there called Scoping. Or we were called Scopists. We worked for court reporters! Crazy! 😉 Now today everyone is a scopist thanks to Periscope.. hehe

Anyway, I will continue to grow and add different ways you can make money online, here. I’ve been told to not do an income statement, so I won’t but I think you’d see how incredibly lucrative things can be online.

I will have a few different categories: I recommend you keep an eye on the category as there are many different things I will be recommending and doing that you’ll need to make sure its worth it for you!

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